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"Does Practice Really Matter"

By Jack Gale, PGA Master Professional
Poinciana Winter Resident and Teaching Professional

Does Practice ReaDy Matter ••• o£ course it does! At Poinciana we are blessed with an exeaative length golf course on which any level of golfer can play and enjoy. This wiD be my fourth season being a winter resident and the course has improved each year. We have an excellent netted practice area between the tenth and eighteenth fairway. Hitting practice balls prior to a round or on a day you are not playing the course can greatly improve your swing. It can also strengthen your golf muscles and increase your muscle memory. This netted area is where I offer private lessons as well. Practice balls are available at the Golf Shop.

In the near future a practice green will be planted and developed near the Golf Shop.
Putting practice for distance and directional control will save you a few strokes in
each and every round.

I return to Poinciana just after Christmas and will immediately be ready to help you with your golf swings. Happy Holidays to all Poinciana residents and see you at the New Year's Eve party.


Managing the Course  by Jack Gale PGA Master Professional

Having finished my third season at Poinciana, I have noticed a great improvement in our greens, but have not seen any improvement how our golfer care for the course. Here are some ideas on how to keep our course in the best possible shape:

1) Keep the carts on the Cart pathes. I see way too many carts literally on the edge of the greens. Too many areas are worn down near the greens when the carts leave the path.

2) Rake the bunker

3) Fill in divot. Do not over fill.

4)Fix ball mark. Use a tee or a ball mark repair tool.

5)Put your trashin the recepticals

6) Speed of Play. Please keep up with the group ahead of you, not just ahead of the group behind you.

       Please help the course and all the other golfer in observing these few rules to make the course better and golf more fun for everyone.

You may contact Jack at 508-783-5763


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