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Tree-stump-deer-stand, tree-mounted deer stand abstract of the invention a frame has upwardly convergent lees which support a plate on which a seat is swiveled. the frame provides a socket which fits over the upper end of an upwardly disposed tree stump or limb stub. a foot rest extends around three sides of the frame so as to leave an open side through which the hunter may climb up to the seat.. Click here to get tree stump blind at best price . a second benefit that people enjoy with the tree stump deer blind is it is easy to put up. since these are easy to put up, people can easily get them up and start to hunt right away., discover easy to setup tree stands, deer stands and hunting treestands from cabela's for complete concealment while hunting in the great outdoors..

Tree stump deer stand. by mang akew | february 15, 2020. 0 comment. banks stump deer blinds 1 medford homemade natural deer attractant banks outdoors stump 4 hunting blind blinds that work by dr ken nordberg tree stands more dangerous than guns. best ground blind ever field stream. 5 luxury hunting blinds you might be able to afford . tree stump deer hunting blind ground 450 lexington. 23 most ..., recurve bow tree stand deer trail. 2-2.

Setting up dave's new tree stand in an area of my property that hasn't been hunted yet. included in the video we explain the setup of the stand, as well as safety tips to properly use it. if you ..., looking to see if anyone would be interested in purchasing this type of blind. not making and let sit and hope they sell, so posting and if your interested and want to purchase one give me a call or text and we can go over what size, what style window cut outs etc.... i`d really like to sell them as like a fathermother-daughterson hobby project blind i guess you could say,, where ill m.

This is the second stump 2 i have added to my hunting property. they are well built and very easy to set up. they are great for taking youths on there first hunts and/or staying out of the really nasty weather that can occur during minnesota deer hunting., learn about nature blinds from hollywood special effects creator tim thomason a well-thought-out design that looks exactly like a real tree stump..

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