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Trefoil-cable-cleats, trefoil cable cleats are installed to support and retain three phase cable formations where the power is distributed by three single core cables, rather than a single multicore cable. trefoil cable formation according to iec61914 is “the formation of three cables so laid to be mutually equidistant.. Trefoil cable cleats are available in both polymeric and metallic materials and can be used within a range of applications such as rail, underground and oil and gas. the cmp range of trefoil cable cleats have been successfully tested and certified in accordance with iec 61914., trefoil cable cleats are cable cleats / cable clamps designed to fit 3 cables in trefoil formation. trefoil cleats are available in a range of materials, like stainless steel trefoil cleats, aluminium trefoil cleats, non-metallic trefoil cable cleats, ss316l trefoil cable cleats and more. to suit your application take into account the environment, support structure, fault level ka peak, cable size/ range and liners..

Trefoil cable hanger specified for installing three single core cables in trefoil formation., the computer-aided design ("cad") files and all associated content posted to this website are created, uploaded, managed and owned by third party users.. Trefoil cable cleats are devices used to hold the three single core power cables in a triangular touching (trefoil) formation, along the length of the laid cables., vulcan+ stainless steel trefoil cable cleats the vulcan+ stainless steel trefoil cable cleat is suitable for where levels of moderate short-circuit protection are required. suitable for installing single-core cables in trefoil formation, the vulcan+ cleat range is also capable of accepting multi-core cables singularly..

Specialist distributors of power cable components, accessories and equipment. supplying industry, utilities, off-shore projects and electrical trades., amrock is specialized in design, manufacturing and distribution of innovative cable cleats, cable clamps, trefoil cable clamps, trefoil clamps, cable cleats for electrical installations, cable & pipe fastening solutions, cable trays and other cable accessories..

Cable cleats | cable cleats for electrical installations| trefoil cable cleats | standard single way clamps / one way clamp . single hole clamp design is offerred by amrock to mount single or multi core cable, conduits and hoses in indoor and outdoor applications. sizes. we provide following sizes in single way clamps. kindly contact us if specific dimensions are required. model no. diameter c ...