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White-mold-on-floor, white mold growth, while a common problem in residential homes, does not receive the same attention as black mold. primarily this is due to the fears surrounding more well known black molds, such as stachybotrys.. It’s easy to confuse white mold in a basement with a substance known as crystalline efflorescence. both substances grow in high humidity areas, but efflorescence isn’t a type of mold., white mold in basement after flooding or prolonged dampness is easily identified by the characteristic white cottony mycelium of the mold that grows on the surfaces water damaged organic material. efflorescence is often mistaken for white mold in basement concrete because they look a lot alike. in fact, to the untrained eye, efflorescence is almost identical to white mold..

The extent to which mold affects your health varies based off of many factors. the main ones being how sensitive you are to a particular type of mold and the amount of mycotoxins a particular type of mold releases into the atmosphere. black mold on floor joists is generally more hazardous than white mold on floor joists, for example., we've all heard of black mold and the associated horror stories of how it destroys your home, your wallet and your health. but what about white mold? what is it? what are the effects on your home if it gets infected with white mold growth? how is your health compromised if you are around white mold? is white mold as dangerous as black mold?.

Mold grows on almost any surface, including wood, carpet and food. removing any mold growing in your home is important to your health, as many people suffer from allergic reactions to mold. white mold growing in your closet, or anywhere in your home, should be removed to reduce adverse effects., white mold can cause various problems on a building structure, furniture, plants, and health, especially when it starts to release pores. never neglect the early signs of mold problems, and do removal steps as soon as possible to avoid infestation..

White mold: is it dangerous & how to remove it. white mold is lesser-known but still an incredibly dangerous species of mold to deal with. if you’re ever unsure of what type you have, calling in certified professionals to perform mold testing services immediately is important. with that said, we’ve learned quite a bit about white mold in our many years of mold inspection and removal., how to clean white mold. before cleaning white mold, put on protective gloves, eyewear and a respirator. then evaluate the area to determine how best to address the mold issue. various cleaning agents can tackle mold, such as a simple dish....

How to tell the difference between white mold and efflorescence. efflorescence is not dangerous. what to do if you have mold in your home. dangers of mold exposure, how to properly remove mold.